About us​

About us

 TRP is an IT Solution company of leading specialist in the world of information and communication technology (ICT) information security and innovation advance solution. Offer a package of the latest information technology through a component and enthusiastic team of employees using the latest technologies to main the stability & growth of the organization and provide IT solution in an elaborate and highly efficient manner.

Our Vision

We are an IT solution company envision a future in which clients of all sizes think of us when they need to increase their ICT return on investment (ROI) and decrease their total cost of ownership (TCO) while being the enabler and streamlining their ICT operations and ensure business continuity.

Our Mission

Provide technical solutions to facilitate automating operational processes for all businesses to reduce costs and increase profits.

Our values


Proactively hired talent that make your selection and ramp up process 40% to 100%.


Personal access to every ream member with granular reporting of activity


Scale in the same time zone or across time zones to best accommodate your process


Industry focus, cultural, alignment, software development experts and both enterprise and building advanced technologies.