Technology Resource Planning

 TRP is an IT Solution company of leading specialist in the world of information and communication technology (ICT) information security and innovation advance solution. Offer a package of the latest information technology through a component and enthusiastic team of employees using the latest technologies to main the stability & growth of the organization and provide IT solution in an elaborate and highly efficient manner.

Why Choose Us

Cost Effective

The company provider is responsible for covering expenses associated with server costs, maintenance and any hardware damage.

Ease of Use

It provides an integrated set of tools to assist in the performance of your company's business, and it provides integration with various systems, and thus it enables the completion of many administrative operations easily, and you can log in to your account from Anywhere and from any device.

Personalized Experience 

Customize the system to your industry by activating only the required applications, customize the interface to suit your brand identity and colors, and modify invoice templates, quotes and other prints for the perfect experience tailored to your needs.

Data Secuity

TRP provides multiple layers of security and privacy through user authentication and authorization mechanisms. 

No Hardware Managment

Since business data is stored on the cloud, you don't need to set up a complex hardware infrastructure. As a result, it greatly reduces the complexities associated with hardware maintenance and reduces operating costs. Any updates and support are also handled.

Free and quick support

Get free technical support from a dedicated team to answer your inquiries and help you in case you encounter any problems, by communicating through the phone or email throughout the day, to ensure that you get the perfect experience when using the TRP system.

Easy to use interface with multiple features 

There is no need to have in-depth knowledge of accounting methods or ERP systems to master the work of a notebook.

Services We Provide

ERP System 

 Starting from Implementation to Maintenace to Management. we give you custom ERP solution. 

Web Design & Development 

 You ask about a basic personal static program or a completed application for your business we can help you deliver. 

App Design & Development 

Designing an app that describes your activities in a modern and simplified way.


We provide hosting services on Software as a Service (SaaS), and ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability for that hosting. 


Absolutely, with easy steps and various methods, you can seamlessly transfer your data from any platform to the TRP platform.

Yes, TRP provides the Expenses product for quick and accurate calculation of costs and expenses.  

Currently, we offer an annual subscription for TRP, providing cost-effective pricing for your business.

You can reach us by calling us at: 0533466875.

No, all updates are free and automatically integrated into your account in TRP.